Full Arch Restorations: Renewed Smiles in a Day

For patients who are tired of dealing with the discomfort and inconvenience of traditional dentures, we offer full arch restorations. With this life-changing procedure, a fixed denture is attached to just four dental implants, securing the teeth to the jaw and providing a beautiful smile and full functionality of the mouth. Implant-supported dentures have been revolutionary in how we treat missing teeth, and most cases can be performed in a single day!

Implant Supported Overdentures

Traditional dentures are restrictive, painful and often unstable, slipping and falling out at the most embarrassing times. With implant-supported overdentures, the denture is fixed to the implants, and therefore sturdy enough to withstand the pressure of normal chewing and biting. This gives patients and affordable option for a renewed smile and better overall lifestyle!

The Benefits of Implant Supported Dentures

  • Graftless: The rear implants can be placed at an angle to make the most use of available jawbone.
  • Convenient: For most patients, replacement teeth are attached at the same time as the implant surgery.
  • Fast Healing: Less chair time and a faster healing time make this approach very popular with patients.

Full Arch Restoration: The Procedure

The procedure takes a few hours, during which time you will be anesthetized for your comfort. You may have some soreness as the anesthesia wears off later in the day, however most patients find that they are able to control any discomfort with over-the-counter medications.

To learn more about how you can renew your smile in just one day with a full arch restoration in our office, please call us at McMinnville Office Phone Number 503-472-1468!